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Stars User Review Freshness
adgo8 Awesome speed dealer. Top quality stuff and very fast delivery. I cant recommend this guy enough.. 11 May 2015

deeko on EVO 2x spotify login 13 January 2015

Received 3 logins within 24 hours. All not working. Messaged vendor with complaint.

Received 3 more logins. None of them working. Messaged vendor with complaint.

Waiting to received WORKING LOGINS. Will update.

Recent Market Reviews

Stars Review Freshness
FE will update FB on delivery. 10 August 2015
Deeko is the man. My 4th order and this is my favorite batch, it's soft and crumbly and gives a nice high. Good value for money. 10 August 2015
FE. will update. Always bang on. 10 August 2015
fast as always 10 August 2015
interesting stuff for a $ 10 August 2015
nice hash, quick postage, good stealth. many thanks 10 August 2015
Fast delivery, trusted vendor. 10 August 2015
Thanks, good hash, always delivers. 10 August 2015
I like this pot. Tends to last a long time and tastes good. You don't need much either. cheers 10 August 2015
Next day delivery. Excellent. Thanks. 10 August 2015
NDD, nice smoke for the price 10 August 2015
FE, repeat customer. 28 July 2015
FE - thanks! 28 July 2015
FE for trusted vendor, Great stuff :) 28 July 2015
FE'd, 3DD, not a bad bit of smoke 21 July 2015
wow!! shall be back soon! 21 July 2015
FE early for trusted vendor 21 July 2015
3dd. okay hash. 21 July 2015
arrived in fairly good time, good stealth, great quality. thanks. 21 July 2015
Best value hash on here. Never had a problem. NDD 21 July 2015
It is very good for the price. Quite potent definatly worth buying. Stealth was excelent. 21 July 2015
Top banana 21 July 2015
Thanks 2DD, and overweight Deeko is the man 21 July 2015
good 21 July 2015
FE for the Deeko trusted vendor 21 July 2015
lol legit but -.- lol worth the dollar 21 July 2015
great info , thx! 21 July 2015
Fe'd. Loved the last stuff, had to get a load more. 21 July 2015
10/10!!! 21 July 2015
fe trusted vendor 21 July 2015
FE for Deeko, Best weed on here for the price 14 July 2015
Speedy delivery and top product yet again. Always a reliable vendor with great product. 14 July 2015
Best speed on the market!! Top notch everything as usual 14 July 2015
fe for trusted vendor!! 14 July 2015
Great as always 14 July 2015
NDD smells good 14 July 2015
5 stars for Deeko as always.Recomend 100%. fast delivery, good stealth, excelent communication, product was good quality and ca 14 July 2015
Next day domestic delivery, good cheers. 14 July 2015
very good, very fast. as always 14 July 2015
FE Trusted Vendor 14 July 2015
fe!!! 14 July 2015
FE early for trusted vendor 14 July 2015
FE'd as requested 8 July 2015
Ordered Saturday arrived today. Very impressed and cracking quality. 8 July 2015
Great vendor, 2DD and over weight. 8 July 2015
Great as always. 8 July 2015
Trusted Vendor 8 July 2015
All good. Thanks Deeko! 8 July 2015
Thanks Deeko, arrived NDD from ship,good stealth* strong weed good price, recommended 10/10 8 July 2015
Awesome vendor, great stuff!!Fe'd, and will continue to FE for this Vendor 8 July 2015
FE, looking forward to trying. 8 July 2015
Happy to f.e and review product 8 July 2015
FE - update on arrival 8 July 2015
FE, legend, nuff said 8 July 2015
FE'd can't wait! 8 July 2015
Accidental feedback instead of message, will update when it comes :) 8 July 2015
FE'D early as trusted vendor 8 July 2015
Deeko always delivers the goods - happy to FE 8 July 2015
FE Will update on arrival 8 July 2015
Fe'd will update when it arrives 8 July 2015
fe'ed, will update 2 July 2015
FE for trusted feedback 2 July 2015
FE for excellent vendor. 20 June 2015
As described. 3 Day delivery. Happy customer 5* 20 June 2015
Fast confirmation and shipping. Product looks decent. Highly recommended! 20 June 2015
A+ 20 June 2015
FE will update 20 June 2015
fe'd will update 20 June 2015
Fe's, will update product 20 June 2015
Received very promptly,haven't sampled yet but looks the business :D 20 June 2015
Nice, swiftly delivered. Thumbs up! 20 June 2015
all good! 20 June 2015
2DD, product of a good quality & slightly overweight. 5* vendor & service, will use again. :-) 20 June 2015
decent for the price. dont bump after about 10pm or you're not going to bed. bring on glasto! 20 June 2015
Received NDD. Good stealth. Great price. Will update when tried 20 June 2015
wonderful stealth and product. took 2 days to arrive. 20 June 2015
FE'd early will update 20 June 2015
fe, update when i have smoked some of the lovely hasish 20 June 2015
FE'd will update when received. 20 June 2015
great software very useful!! 20 June 2015
NDD and good stuff, cheers. 14 June 2015
FE will update 14 June 2015
Quick delivery. Really mice smoke. Will order more soon 14 June 2015
fast delivery excellent product thanks 14 June 2015
FE will update 14 June 2015
Wow, this smells & tastes amazing, such a great high. Once again, 2 day delivery with good stealth. Many thanks. 14 June 2015
F/E for vendor as aske, came in 2 days, not for me but smells very nice. 14 June 2015
FE as instructed 14 June 2015
FE'd :) 14 June 2015
Nice one just got it today through the post despite post being slow. Hope to do business again soon :) 14 June 2015
2 day delivery awesome :) 14 June 2015
FE'd will update 14 June 2015
FE'd as instructed. Will update after delivery. 14 June 2015
FE for excellent vendor. 14 June 2015
FE will update 14 June 2015
fe'd will update 14 June 2015
Fe's, will update product 14 June 2015
Received very promptly,haven't sampled yet but looks the business :D 14 June 2015
FE 14 June 2015
FE 14 June 2015
Speedy delivery. Yet to try but am sure is great. 8 June 2015
This is a nice little download 8 June 2015
Fe will update on arrival 8 June 2015
FE early, order arrived 2 days later, above weight. great stuff. Great seller! 8 June 2015
best vendor 8 June 2015
Good shizzle 8 June 2015
Chic ice nice quick delivery overweight as well FE for deeko 8 June 2015
FE as requested, will update if anything is amiss. 8 June 2015
One of the most reliable vendors I've come across on any DNM. Like clockwork and the product is always top drawer. Thanks! 8 June 2015
FE 8 June 2015
FE for trusted vendor 8 June 2015
nice hash. stealth NDD! 8 June 2015
FE will update when arrived 8 June 2015
FE WILL UPDATE 8 June 2015
First order but great feedback so FE with confidence and will update on arrival. 8 June 2015
A+++ 8 June 2015
A+++++ 8 June 2015
FE, Will update upon arrival :) 8 June 2015
FE. Will update 8 June 2015
Sorry for late feedback couldn't log on here. 5/5 on all accounts good vendor. 2 June 2015
A** 2 June 2015
Fe'd for a trusted vendor will update on arrival 2 June 2015
5 Stars 2 June 2015
Fast delivery, and is definately as advertised. You will lose abit of weight, but well worth for the quality. FIRE! 2 June 2015
A+++ Spot on. Good vendor 2 June 2015
good speed 2 June 2015
NDD 5/5 STEALTH thanks will visit again 2 June 2015
Fast delivery, product as described. 2 June 2015
Quick delivery, nice gentle buzz. 5/5 2 June 2015
Arrived in 3 days very happy with the hash its not going to melt in your hand but its a nice smoke. 2 June 2015
Cheers, dirty speed delivered fast. Will be back :) 2 June 2015
FE Early 2 June 2015
This guys legit 5/5. Nice wizz 2 June 2015
FE'd will update 2 June 2015
thanks. came prompt. good communication. good product. 5/5 all round. recommended 2 June 2015
My favourite vendor ever!! Happy to FE and products awesome! 2 June 2015
FE for trusted vendor. 2 June 2015
FE Will update upon arrival :) 2 June 2015
FE for trusted vendor. Will update :-) 2 June 2015
NDD, haven't tried it yet, needs to be dried. 15 May 2015
5/5 decent smoke for ££ 15 May 2015
A+ nnd great smoke 15 May 2015
Arrived quick, looks like great hash 15 May 2015
NDD 15 May 2015
Fast shipping, all good 15 May 2015
Lovely hash nice uplifting stone, recommended to has lovers, FE no problems. 15 May 2015
FE 15 May 2015
Always a smooth professional transaction with Deeko. 15 May 2015
the real deal 15 May 2015
FE last time came NDD and belter hash, thanks. 15 May 2015
NDD Overweight, really nice smoke, brilliant stealth, will buy again 15 May 2015
All good, thanks Deeko! 26 April 2015
came in a few days, old skool soap bar, nothing too special but a good smoke. typically under weight(0.8) is what you expect fr 26 April 2015
looks very trusted so FE will update on product. 26 April 2015
FE will update when it arrives 26 April 2015
Great buy, thankyou for fast delivery. 26 April 2015
Order received in good time, product looks excellent, many thanks 26 April 2015
Arrived next day. As described, will use again. 26 April 2015
FE'D i will update on arrival 26 April 2015
FE as per request will update on arrival. 26 April 2015
FE'd will update 26 April 2015
fe ..... 26 April 2015
Bang on in every way. Highly recommend!!! 26 April 2015
FE 26 April 2015
Really friendly comms, NDD, great stealth, FANTASTIC product and some extras thrown in. My favourite vendor EVER!! 26 April 2015
Buddhabingbuddhabang 26 April 2015
Cushdy 26 April 2015
soryy, i thought it was finalized. 26 April 2015
FE'd in good faith. will update... 26 April 2015
FE 14 April 2015
Buddhabingbuddhabang 14 April 2015
Cushdy 14 April 2015
FE Early. Will update. 13 April 2015
FE'D i will update on arrival 13 April 2015
FE as per request will update on arrival. 13 April 2015
FE'd will update 13 April 2015
fe ..... 13 April 2015
looks very trusted so FE will update on product. 11 April 2015
FE will update when it arrives 10 April 2015
FE will this guy 9 April 2015
Thx for shipping i´m very hot to test you stuff !! Lg Claudia 9 April 2015
Has it been shipped?? 9 April 2015
FE looking forward to sampling 9 April 2015
FE, new vendor for me but i have a good feeling 9 April 2015
Absolutely wonderful - so quick to arrive too! Thank you so much - excellent! x 9 April 2015
FE'd as asked 9 April 2015
FE'd trusted vendor used before, quality is always great 9 April 2015
Looks good and NDD 9 April 2015
FE 9 April 2015
FE first order from vendor 9 April 2015
Have no problems FE for this vendor, all my orders have been ndd so far :) 9 April 2015
FE as requested .. update on arrival 9 April 2015
FE. Will update 9 April 2015
F/e will feedback. Thanks 9 April 2015
FE looking forward to trying this from new vendor. Heard good things though. 9 April 2015
F.E will update 7 April 2015
FE 7 April 2015
FE for more pollen :) 7 April 2015
Decent paste, good price, top vendor. Thick, sticky paste - a bit juicy but not too wet. No scales to measure dry loss but 6 April 2015
FE, fantastic seller. 6 April 2015
5/5 top reliable vendor, good stuff got through the down time and delivered. 6 April 2015
Glad to have found you again - The best! :-) 6 April 2015
FE'd: Will update with honest feedback when (if?) received. 6 April 2015
Very good value for money. 6 April 2015
Came within 24 hour's Trusted Vendor from Evo always Bang on 5/5 on quality 6 April 2015
Excellent, no complaints. All round stealth and product, mint. Would recommend 6 April 2015
FE for ease, given current market conditions :) 6 April 2015
Replaced order at (OWN COST) during fall of evolution market. Always on weight Always on time Always great stealth and NDD 6 April 2015
Update: NDD, good stealth. Very wet but good quality once dried. 6 April 2015
Fe'd hoping for prompt delivery. Will update 6 April 2015
Have FE for trusted vendor 6 April 2015
decent paste thisn shit....nice one thanks bud....i ndunno wgats going on with the crystal meth in this country buut its all 6 April 2015
f/e as a favor to vendor. 6 April 2015
Super quick delivery. Good stealth. Great price and looks (smells!) good. Thanks 6 April 2015
have FE as requested on page 6 April 2015
FE will update when received 27 March 2015
FE'd early,will update when received 27 March 2015
Good stealth, good product, fast shipment 27 March 2015
Just over NDD,Stand up vendor,stealth & quality gear.Good work Comrade,will be back soon. 27 March 2015
FE, first Order will update when received!! 27 March 2015
FE as requested, will update on receiving 27 March 2015
FE for polm 27 March 2015
Deefo is the man evo legend, Good product NDD and has a nice high that doesn't have a conedown, 27 March 2015
FE will update 27 March 2015
finalized order waiting on delevery 27 March 2015
FE will update when i get it 27 March 2015
FE early update and let everyone know if it is the real Deeko 27 March 2015
Great service, impressive speed at an impressive price by a prompt and professional trader. 27 March 2015
Incredibly fast delivery, very good product. 27 March 2015
FE'd looking forward to it 27 March 2015
NDD Good stuff, top vendor. 27 March 2015
FE will update 27 March 2015
Everything ok. Fast and serious. 100% garanteed 27 March 2015
FE'd for a trusted vendor! My last order was received in 5 days!!! Amazing! 27 March 2015
FE, fantastic seller. 27 March 2015
Stars Review Freshness
Great price and great product came every fast and stealthy would buy again A+ 16 March 2015
NDD and nice hash 5/5 16 March 2015
product is nice for the price, fast delivery and well packaged will deffently be ordering of this vendor again
Many Thanks :D
16 March 2015
Fast Delivery, Good smoke, nice high, willl be back 16 March 2015
Very fast. Good stealth and great vendor. 16 March 2015
Came in 2 days. Good quality for the price :) Recommended! 16 March 2015
Appreciate the speedy NDD you are a life saver!!!!!!!!! 16 March 2015
Great product fast shipping 16 March 2015
fast delivery. good gear, cheers bud :) 16 March 2015
perfect 16 March 2015
Always fast communication and NDD 16 March 2015
All good, 5/5 16 March 2015
Nice smoke 16 March 2015
Ok hash, good service thanks. 16 March 2015
Fast delivery, Good stealth, Hash is good for the money...Thanks 14 March 2015
Deeko is the man <3 14 March 2015
Super quick, great price, thanks! 14 March 2015
Excellent stealth, quick delivery. Slightly over. 14 March 2015
5/5 - Received in uk really fast ! Really good packaging, definitely would recommend. 14 March 2015
excellent service and quality 14 March 2015
Very rapid, consistently reliable service. Right price also. Trustworthy vendor, no nonsense approach. 14 March 2015
All good, NDD, good stealth and smells legit. 14 March 2015
Excellent product and stealth, next day delivery. Cheers, much appreciated. 5/5 14 March 2015
Another excellent product.. Thanks Deeko, I'll be back really soon. 14 March 2015
Ndd super stuff will be back 14 March 2015
NDD bang on weight and nice smoke 14 March 2015
My favorite vendor on here, next day delivery every time i ordered and lovely Moroccan hash nice and clean. AAA++ service 14 March 2015
Great stealth, Price, NDD and product is great did a taster bomb and it hit the spot rock on 14 March 2015
ordered 11th close to midnight and received this morning 13th! Stealth: totally effective - Product: spot on weight, lovely old skool gear what a blast ^_^ Nice one Deeko (y) 14 March 2015
NDD, product as described, decent vendor. 11 March 2015
Excellent as always! My all time best seller ever! Be back soon!! :-) 11 March 2015
Top Class!!!!!! 11 March 2015
ALL OK 11 March 2015
Great service, Lovely product, Good vender.. 11 March 2015
Top Class 11 March 2015
fast delivery no problems pollen is great for the price nice mellow high good for a wake and bake lol 11 March 2015
Serious and fast, good 11 March 2015
NDD, great stealth and correct weight - thanks! 11 March 2015
Excellent! Good stealth, great stuff. 11 March 2015
Great multi-packaging, fast delivery to Germany. This is great amphetamine, much better than alot of other pastes i have tried, nice high witout any sideeffects..

Deeko is the pro, will be back
11 March 2015
Next day delivery and good whizz.
11 March 2015
no complaints yet again, looks nice, smells good and really quick delvery, thanks! 11 March 2015
Great info 11 March 2015
NDD, and pretty decent stuff for the price. 11 March 2015
The deilvery speed was simply first class as always! love this seller! 9 March 2015
Cheers 9 March 2015
Excellent, fast delivery, will use again 9 March 2015
Can't fault speed of delivery or stealth, very professional. Quality of product however could be better. Not the best speed out there but for the price I don't suppose you could argue. Maybe we need a new term 'socialable whizz' 9 March 2015
NDD, Good stealth and nice smoke. 9 March 2015
Great Seller, great Stealth and arrived within 1 day. Will defo be buying again. UK buyer!!!!! 9 March 2015
A good produkt. Fast delivery 9 March 2015
all good 9 March 2015
Could be a little better, but it was OK. 9 March 2015
Prompt delivery as usual and very good smoke for the price. My favorite vendor for hash. Thanks. 9 March 2015
Ordered at night, came 2 days later. Perfect. 9 March 2015
Good stuff for the price will be back for more. 9 March 2015
seem ok 9 March 2015
Good product, super quick delivery, excellent stealth. 9 March 2015
Good stuff, good price. Always overwieght. This is my second order, will be back. 9 March 2015
no complaints! great service 7 March 2015
10/10, lovely smoke. Fast delievery and good comms. Highly recommended. 7 March 2015
Ordered late Wednesday night, got it Friday morning. Product looks good smells good and not too wet either. 7 March 2015
Good gear. Good Stealth. 7 March 2015
Decent smoke, NDD, Decent stealth, cheers 7 March 2015
all good thanks 7 March 2015
10/10 7 March 2015
next day delivery cheers 7 March 2015
Fast delivery, sorry for the slow finalize 7 March 2015
I don't know what's going on with the royal mail these days but this took 7 days after ordering to arrive despite being shipped out on the day I ordered it. Great product, I'm enjoying it. 7 March 2015
looks good 7 March 2015
my 2nd order of this hash. its nice and clean moroccan hash and next day delivery both times i've ordered, highly recommend 7 March 2015
professional as ever, cheers... 7 March 2015
Decent speed. Scales died, so I didn't weigh it - but it looks at least on weight, if not a bit extra. Only small complaint is that it's sold as 'dry' and it was still just a little bit moist. Very minor though...nothing at all like 'paste'. Delivery time was great - ordered after the cutoff time on Wednesday and got it on Friday morning. Stealth was fine - nothing fancy...but perfectly reasonable for a domestic delivery. The gear itself is decent - stinks like speed should and packs a nice punch up the nose. Overall, a good deal. Will be back for more next time. 7 March 2015
WOW deeko does it again! NDD, positivie reaction. FAULTLESS. havent tried the stuff yet but looks same as normal 4 March 2015
toook some time but is here thanks
havent smoked due to bad health
4 March 2015
legend <3 thanks for sending this out on time... would have been totally screwed otherwise <3 peace be with you man :) 4 March 2015
Fast delivery 4 March 2015
NDD, 10/10 4 March 2015
First order off this bloke ( over 45 total on this site ) Looks and smells LEGIT!
Thanks Brah

4 March 2015
good info 4 March 2015
all good 4 March 2015
Quick delivery, product as described. Good deal. 4 March 2015
star vender 4 March 2015
Order arrived. I don't touch It, but have no complaints. Order arrived. Packaged well. 4 March 2015
NDD in stealth pack, good speed 4 March 2015
10/10 vendor great hash, very fast postage. Had internet problems so sorry for late finalize ! 4 March 2015
Great hash for the price cant complain delived very quickly to west europe. 4 March 2015
Can't fault transaction. Nearly NDD, good stealth, haven't tried product yet but looks good. 2 March 2015
All great thanks, ordered a bit of hash from 3 different UK vendors yesterday and this was the only one to turn up today! Just wish I'd ordered more. Oh well, theres always next time 2 March 2015
Thanks A +++ 2 March 2015
Great service, Lovely product, Good vender.. Sucks to FE though... 2 March 2015
Next day delivery and nice product 10/10 2 March 2015
Next day delivery. Top notch stealth. The product smells and tastes right and the effect is enjoyable. Best I have had from a UK supplier. Will buy from again. 2 March 2015
NDD as always and good paste ty returning customer 2 March 2015
Great vendor, more than happy with the service and products!!!! 2 March 2015
very well packaged, fast deliver - fantastic product. 2 March 2015
Fast shipping and not bad quality. Thanks 2 March 2015
my favourite vender atm! excellent value and true to his word, order before 3 and you've got your order the next day. I'll be a regular customer! 2 March 2015
Great service 2 March 2015
finalised wed pm, arrived friday, bang on weight nice smoke for price, will be back again! 2 March 2015
Quick delivery, nice stuff, Good stealth! 2 March 2015
Good time, nice stealth, good smoke, thanks Deeko 28 February 2015
Good stuff for the price, would reccomend! 28 February 2015
NDD again. stealth fine. product tested positive with reagent. clearly nothing wrong with RM like other vendors are trying to use!

cheers Deeko!
28 February 2015
My go to amphetamine vendor! Accidently sent me out wrong product but was quick to reply to my messages and sent out correct order. Many thanks mate! 28 February 2015
Lovely bit of hash and super fast delivery cheers mate!!
10/10 vendor
28 February 2015
NDD and good smoke, nice one will be back 28 February 2015
NDD as always
trusted quality
28 February 2015
Good service, fast delivery and well over weight. 28 February 2015
Good for the price 28 February 2015
Great vendor! Went above and beyond with service provided. Great product, very fast delivery! Thanks 28 February 2015
Next day delivery, quality whizz. 28 February 2015
2DD, good packiging, good stuff. Especially for the price! 28 February 2015
next day delivery, one beautiful fat 7g rock, no crumbs!!! test comes out dark purple/black :) and some of the best stealth i've seen. I'm a very happy customer! will be back soon 28 February 2015
very fast and nice smoke top man thanks 28 February 2015
Nice bit of polm, next day delivery and good stealth! Good vendor to deal with, highly recommend

Could do with bigger weight listings that work out cheaper though if thats possible
28 February 2015
Good quality polm and very quick (and descreate) delivery. Great vendor! 26 February 2015
Next day like always :) 5/5 26 February 2015
Perfect NDD! 5/5
As it was last time next day delivery and quick transaction. Item was marked shipped promptly.
Product- 5/5 very nice relaxing high and smooth clean smoke.
No need for communication just straight down to business so 5/5 for that.
Stealth- 5/5 absouloute no problems with stealth for domestic MBB
vendor 5/5
Thanks I will be shopping buy at your store again in the near future.

26 February 2015
came fast, nice stuff 26 February 2015
24 hour shipping once again. Excellent vendor! 26 February 2015
10/10 all round nice stealth NDD and HQ speed smells very good I have had this before and its perfect especially for this price. weight on point
I wont be taking this until tonight but I'm know this will be great.
Thank You for another good transaction
I will be back soon. : ) : ) : )
26 February 2015
Deeko really came through on this. Nice bit of hash for the price, not the best but better than I was expecting.

Next day delivery with good stealth.

Will be checking out your other listings, impressed with the service here 10/10
26 February 2015
2 days UK delivery, good stealth, on weight, good smoke. 26 February 2015
Fast shipping - not tried yet but looks good. Thank you :) 26 February 2015
Perfect transaction. 26 February 2015
Came overweight and not as wet as I expected, so a double bonus! Also good shipping time, so all in all a great vendor! 26 February 2015
Great service. Very happy, thank you 26 February 2015
spot on as always 26 February 2015
Quick delivery and nice quality :) 26 February 2015
Sooo reliable - Stealth 100% - quality and next day domestic delivery too - You are the Best Deeko! :-) 26 February 2015
Fast delivery, hash nice 24 February 2015
Great product and super delivery again AAA+++ 24 February 2015
Digital product this time but this vendor has been more than helpful. Super-fast, super-efficient, profesional service and friendly comms =_=
24 February 2015
Quick delivery, all good! 24 February 2015
Really nice stuff, delivered next day- excellent job all round, cheers :) 24 February 2015
Great value and service 24 February 2015
Top seller 24 February 2015
Perfect service all round 24 February 2015
Arrived ndd decent smoke all good 24 February 2015
10/10 -Speed of delivery
10/10 - Packaging
9/10 - Stealth (could be double sealed) but was only a small order.

Not tried product yet.
24 February 2015
Fast delivery and very nice smoke.Cheers 24 February 2015
Product exactly as described 24 February 2015
Next day delivery, good product!

Nice one.
24 February 2015
Good - stealth could be improved. 24 February 2015
Great hash for it's price, excelent stealth. Quite a good high. Would buy again :) 24 February 2015
my man , dredd naught! 19 February 2015
Ordered Tuesday 4.30pm, arrived Thursday. Stealth was good enough. Product was very good for price. Thanks. 19 February 2015
Top Vendor Real Nice Bloke Order Came Next Day Speed Bang On Weight Smells Lovely And Good Buzz Will Be Using Him Again A+++++ 19 February 2015
Rapid, reliable service. Eifficent and trustworthy. Would recommend vendor, as ticks all the right boxes. Professionally done. 19 February 2015
0.1 over weight, 2 day delivery, looks good, smells good, will be back for more, very happy 19 February 2015
Excellent product, fast delivery and great stealth. Perfect service all round 19 February 2015
ordered midnight on monday arrived wednsday afternoon , no contact was needed , great service smoke is as expected for the price 19 February 2015
Rapid delivery, great stealth 19 February 2015
Next day delivery, quality hash rocking like it was 1990 again !!! woop woop 19 February 2015
Top notch vendor, NND to N Ireland. Product is exactly what it says on the tin for the price. 19 February 2015
good and serious vendor 19 February 2015
Next day delivery and top whizz. 19 February 2015
spot-on! 19 February 2015
AAA service ,AAA stealth ,AAA AMPH ,all in all excellent uk vendor . 19 February 2015
Great vendor, great stealth and super quick shipping! 19 February 2015
cool 17 February 2015
perfect, stealth good and 2day to uk 17 February 2015
nice! thaks for free gift man... ;) 17 February 2015
so sorry for the late release, forgot it wasnt FE, thanks for the big cherry on top deeko ma man!!! has is one off the best vendors im using just now, cant wait untill you get some more goodness :) 17 February 2015
I missed the text about sending first orders recorded delivery... I wouldn't have ordered if I'd seen it. This creates unnecessary risk 17 February 2015
Hey, if your looking at buying amphetamine base and your looking for a vendor that will take care of you and have and interest in you getting your product, look no further.

The product arrived in a timely manner, and for the price, this cannot be beaten.

I highly recommend this vendor, alot of vendors lack the quality that this vendor have.
I'll much rather deal with this type of vendor then alot of others that will not respond and seem like they just don't care about you, the customer.
Take my word for it, this is the real deal, the reason why darknet is a pleasure to use.
17 February 2015
Took a long time to arrive, but the product is good for the price, would buy from this vendor again 17 February 2015
next day delivery, overweight, great product, stealthy. 17 February 2015
Seller: 5/5, Great. No contact made, I felt it wasn't necessary. I was right!
Shipping: 5/5, Next day delivery UK domestic, perfect!
Stealth: 4/5, Fine. Some small improvements could be made, but I don't know if it would be necessary.
Price: 5/5, Superb, very cheap!
Product: 5/5, Product is exactly as described, not as soft as I was expecting, but very nice.

Many thanks!
17 February 2015
Got here in two days, packaging very good and nice smoke. What more could you ask? 15 February 2015
nice hash for money 15 February 2015
2DD, Good stealth, Great price, Nice Product. 15 February 2015
Once Again... Excellent hash for the price, Super fast dispatch-delivery. Perfect stealth. Top vender. Thanks Mate! :-) 15 February 2015
looking forward to trying! 15 February 2015
not had this stuff in years, what a blast nice one 15 February 2015
arrived yesterday couldnt get online till now, usual professional dealings with deeko, never had problem 13 February 2015
killer hash 13 February 2015
arrived yesterday alongside other order usual professional dealings with deeko, never had problem 13 February 2015
Quick delivery, not tried yet but look good. 13 February 2015
Top! 13 February 2015
11/10 great product great stealth ndd 13 February 2015
awesome 13 February 2015
Arrived in two days, haven't tried but looks dry and smells like shit, so pretty good 13 February 2015
Dried nicely as advertised, and came slightly overweight which is always appreciated. Decent stuff and god value for money Thanks! 13 February 2015
Works like a charm. Thanks! 13 February 2015
Thanks a lot!!! Great read and it came fast. will order in future. 13 February 2015
Nice quality - has to be one of the quickest vendors to deliver - next day every time I have ordered. Top stuff! 13 February 2015
Great vendor, fantastic product! 13 February 2015
Quick delivery and Good product. Didn't loose much weight drying. Thanks. A+ 13 February 2015
The best!! Thank you! :-) 13 February 2015
Next day delivery thanks again 11 February 2015
A* 11 February 2015
On weight and nice smoke 5/5 11 February 2015
Top draw product and service. 11 February 2015
Great service, stealth and NDD. 11 February 2015
Super fast delivery, epic stealth, good quality gear, will be back 11 February 2015
perfectly Deeko, are the Best!! all works great 11 February 2015
3rd time ordering from Deeko. acceptable stealth and always super fast delivery. 8 February 2015
Next day delivery and very well packaged. Genuine product This vendor seems proffesional.
Thanks a lot.
8 February 2015
Fast delivery, good smoke 8 February 2015
No probs 8 February 2015
Best UK vendor for reliability and quality
Always ndd

8 February 2015
Good Stuff, Fast Dispatch,Top Stealth, Thanks 8 February 2015
10/10 8 February 2015
Nice smoke and super quick delivery. Will be back for more. 8 February 2015
perfect service, really good quality and value for the money 8 February 2015
thumbs up for next day delivery, all good!! 6 February 2015
Fast postage (1 day to UK), great price and a good product for the price. Hash is crumbly and potent, weight was bang on too. Excellent vendor. 6 February 2015
Fast and good :) 10/10 6 February 2015
it was very high not gonna lie , hope these pills fuck with my eyes ;)
thanks for the extra hope its good , report on it would be nice though
6 February 2015
Quick delivery and good overall product 6 February 2015
came next day after ordering. Looks the business, cheers! 6 February 2015
Excellent hash for the price, Super fast dispatch-delivery. Perfect stealth. Top vender. Thanks Mate! :-) 6 February 2015
Good quality hash for the price, next day delivery uk2uk, stealth good, will be back for more soon my friend! 6 February 2015
nice smoke good for the price, quick delivery 6 February 2015
NDD , hash great too! 6 February 2015
top bloke 6 February 2015
Good stealth. Arrived next day. Smells great! 6 February 2015
Good stuff with whole new level of stealth included 6 February 2015
NDD, really nice smoke, you gained new regular customer :) 6 February 2015
10/10 6 February 2015
Professional service, very fast turnaround. Happy to do repeat business in future. Is always rewarding when people take trades seriously. 4 February 2015
Great delivery speed and so stealth I didn't know what it was at first!

Good product.

Thanks very much.
4 February 2015
Odered late Friday night, shipped on Sunday, arrived Tuesday so happy with delivery. Order was .1 over and communication was good. Nice smoke. Overall smooth purchase, thanks! 4 February 2015
Quick delivery,decent product would use vendor again thanks 4 February 2015
A+ 4 February 2015
good fast delivary, product a little hard to dry and hard to cut, but generaly good, other times its been great, thanks again, good vendor, good speed. 4 February 2015
FE as requested! Will post reddit review in the future. 4 February 2015
Exceptional Stealth!, Fast Delivery!, Top Product! No Fuss Vendor! 100% Recommended! Cheers Bud 4 February 2015
Excellent! 4 February 2015
fast delivery, look and smells nice havent tried yet, trustworthy vendor 4 February 2015
super quick again! great vendor AAAAAAAA+++++ 4 February 2015
many thanks 4 February 2015
+++ Great Stealth - Good Product - Great Vendor - Thumbs Up +++ 4 February 2015
Excellent steath.. right down to the ebay order sticker! Havent tied yet but it smells spot on. 4 February 2015
Great vendor, great product, very fast delivery and amazing stealth :) 2 February 2015
nice easy transaction ,next day delivery ,good value smoke nice and clean i will buy again good honest vendor 2 February 2015
Cheers Deeko. Next day, as promised. Quality of product & stealth 1st class. Much appreciated. 5/5 2 February 2015
Great stealth great delivery 2 February 2015
Very good price and a good smoke. Will be buying again. 2 February 2015
Good Info for the price - Fast delivery 2 February 2015
great deal thanks
2 February 2015
quality as advertised (far too sludgy for my liking) but vendor delivered as promised so cant complain for this price 2 February 2015
NDD good stealth and decent hash for the price, good buy if u got a bit of spare change left over, otherwise there's better quality around 31 January 2015
Fast delivery, good stealth, for the price its a great deal! WIll be coming back for more! 31 January 2015
top , sweet man came next day, smells potent safe

:-) )))))))))))))
31 January 2015
NDD, arrived on birthday, so very happy birthday boy ;) especially looking forward to trying the bomb (y) 31 January 2015
fast delivery, product is good for the price 31 January 2015
here in good time, nice weight, and for the price its not bad gear....cheers deeko 31 January 2015
AAA Ecxellent seller ,fast delivery ,good stealth ,most important ,Amph ultra clean pure amph ,on par with the best . 31 January 2015
Thank you! 31 January 2015
Turned up within 1 day, spells absolutely awesome! 31 January 2015
Delivery - super fast; stealth - excellent; product - ok, 31 January 2015
Great vendor, NDD, happy with stealth. Would use again. 31 January 2015
1 day domestic delivery, product seems good and overweight. Will buy again 31 January 2015
Product as described. 1 day post. 31 January 2015
Price- 5/5 Completely happy with the price

Stealth- 5/5 very good steath, looks professional

Shipping- 5/5 amazing shipping time, didn't expect it that fast at all

Communication- 5/5 No comms needed everything went well

Product- 5/5 haven't got around to trying it yet but it looks and smells lovely
31 January 2015
Brilliant stealth, overall pleased 31 January 2015
Very fast turnaround, looks and smells like quality product! (I won't try it yet as I have a head-cold) 29 January 2015
sweet, would use again 29 January 2015
Great vendor, quick, good comms. trustworthy. 29 January 2015
Nice! :) haven't even smoked it yet but it smells banging. Still has a little cellophane on lol.. Cheers buddy will defo order again. 29 January 2015
NDD, good polm for the price, would use again. Cheers 29 January 2015
NDD good stealth potent smell and gives a nice high that doesn't keep you up unless you want to then just do more lol loyal happy customer 29 January 2015
fast delivery and good packaging,tablets look the biz,looking forward to trying them 29 January 2015
cheers decent weed again,fast delivery,and top stealth 29 January 2015
Finalize early for this guy he will sort you out. got 1.5grs
NDD prompt shipping 5/5
Product its great for the price best bang for your buck. gets you fucking good.
stealth perfect. 5/5
communication 5/5 hes very responsive and will answer questions quickly.
my new speed go to guy.
5/5 all round again

29 January 2015
Perfect product and seller. 29 January 2015
Top service, fast postage, 10/10 29 January 2015
Banged this after coming down from the speed absouloutley fucking euphoric MDMA- OLD SKOOL
The press could have been a tiny bit better (turns to mush under tounge quickly ) but i cant complain its fucking great
received NDD with same order.
10/10 all round
I will be back.
Thankyou for extra
29 January 2015
Next Day Delivery!!

Just had a smoke of this... definitely a lot better than I was expecting for the price I paid.
Feeling pretty relaxed now, good start to the day;)

Would definitely use again - recommended!!!
29 January 2015
Great service, highly recommended,thanks 29 January 2015
Great thanks 29 January 2015
quick delivery, decent product 27 January 2015
Excellent. 27 January 2015
no complaints. will be back 27 January 2015
Thank you kindly ;) 27 January 2015
dried it out, hit the accelerator 27 January 2015
Very decent smoke and prompt delivery. Thanks for extra. Will be back. 27 January 2015
Absolutely amazing - and new standard of stealth - The best - Thank you x 27 January 2015
FE early for this vendor and you'll receive a generous amount extra.
NDD very much appreciated. TY
27 January 2015
Great Stealth, very fast delivery. Looks and smells about right for the price. 25 January 2015
Deeko is the man ! Just try him he never let you down. Best digital vendor ever ! A ++++++++++++ 25 January 2015
Fast delivery and good product :) 10/10 mate thanks 25 January 2015
Perfect - Thanks :-) 25 January 2015
+++ Great stuff. New Trusted Vendor. +++ 25 January 2015
Great smoke 5/5 25 January 2015
THanks! 25 January 2015
NDD, good clean quality polm at a very reasonable price, thanks. 25 January 2015
Muy bien 25 January 2015
very fast delivery, stealth good. product is great......nice old school stoned. cheers 25 January 2015
some tasty stuff man smokes nice 25 January 2015
strong! 25 January 2015
Excellent vendor, next day delivery as before, 5/5, thanks 25 January 2015
A-OK 25 January 2015
Next day delivery to the UK, very nice stuff was only 1g ordered and my scales are kinda crap so no notes on weight but it seemed over if anything, great stealth, will definitely order again!!!! A great first time experience with my first ever order! 25 January 2015
Ordered monday. Came on wednesday. Looks like it's slightly over weight. Cheers mate! 23 January 2015
Always bang on 23 January 2015
Totally satisfied. 23 January 2015
Next day delivery, Stealth spot on, 5/5, Would recommend 23 January 2015
Very fast delivery, acceptable smoke. All good :] 23 January 2015
Good method, thanks! 23 January 2015
COMMS 10/10 - replies to pm's
DELIVERY TIME 9/10 - 48hrs
STEALTH 10/10 - best so far
PRICE 10/10 - very competetive
PRODUCT 8/10 - as decribed, nice maroc pollen

Thanks, will be back for more! -_-
23 January 2015
Excellent product and excellent mailing service 23 January 2015
Quality product, and delivery was fast, recommend this vendor without hesitation! 23 January 2015
:) 23 January 2015
Thanks sorry for late feedback 23 January 2015
NDD, smells lush, unbeatable price. Would recommend 23 January 2015
great item, very fast delivery.... 23 January 2015
I must check it yet but good service. 23 January 2015
A+++++++ 23 January 2015
Had a great night, quick delivery. Thanks! 21 January 2015
Top Vendor and superb comms! will be using again for sure AAA+++ 21 January 2015
Excellent stealth, speedy delivery, ordered Friday, arrived Monday. Not tried yet but smells and looks the part. I'll be back. 21 January 2015
NDD as promised and a great wee bit of gear. For the price and the service I doubt you could be beaten. The way it should work! Cheers, and I'll be back. 21 January 2015
Great product and seller, Thanks 21 January 2015
Arrived fast! Excellent, would buy again :) 21 January 2015
NDD Awesome stealth great vendor never had any issues and smells strong so product wil be good 21 January 2015
All good!!! 21 January 2015
all good! :) 21 January 2015
all good 21 January 2015
Reliable vendor; fast response and good communication; many thanks 21 January 2015
Came through with a slight lime taste and a very slight green tint then slowly turned pink red and slowly into again into the colour we all know and love speed to be, a slighty off-whit yellow.
Was strong enough as advertised not uncomfortable and super focused.
Would buy again.
21 January 2015
aLL GOOD 21 January 2015
Ndd again :)
Good value
21 January 2015
nice smoke,fast delivery cheers 21 January 2015
Great stealth, NDD, smell great and would love to buy more. My only issue is that I bought one as a sample and got 1 extra free while the guy before me got 3 free. He must be bettter than me,,,,
Don't think I'll be back... sorry
19 January 2015
Happy Day came on a saturday, Product and packaging always 5/5 enough said :) 19 January 2015
A+ 19 January 2015
Very impressed at fast delivery, packaging also. Lovely smell as hoped for & very nice complaints here :D happy customer, will most defo be using again & great price ;) 19 January 2015
Excellent product, and arrived in 2 days, top vendor! 19 January 2015
Checked one acct - it works, prompt delivery. May buy more again soon. 19 January 2015
Ndd even though order placed late in day
All good
19 January 2015
thanks 19 January 2015
Fast response and good communication, would recommend, thanks! 19 January 2015
Quick, cheap, and exactly what was promised. 19 January 2015
ok pills 19 January 2015
5/5 great vendor 19 January 2015
good 19 January 2015
AAA seller ,top quality amph . 17 January 2015
Perfect. Cheers. A++++
17 January 2015
fast service great price A+++ 17 January 2015
FE: Top vender.....Will use again 17 January 2015
all good, what more can you say, cheers buddy 17 January 2015
Good stealth, NDD, smoke as described - all good. Cheers. 17 January 2015
Good stuff as always 17 January 2015
Accounts work fine! speedy! know if either stops working i can go back to vendor and ask for another login. great overall vendor 17 January 2015
Pill broke up way too easily and was damp inside but quality-wise it was OK 17 January 2015
Got 2 bonus account, thanks 17 January 2015
thank you 17 January 2015
The fourth accouint worked, good comunication works :) 17 January 2015
ok pills. not a 10 pound banger though. 17 January 2015
perfect thank you 17 January 2015
Bought one, seller sent 3. Only one was good, but no complaints here. Will have to see if the one stays good, but order was processed fast. Thanks! 15 January 2015
Fast domestic shipping.. top stealth. Product smells good, has that bitter base smell. 15 January 2015
Very fast delivery as promised, Good Stealth heat sealed - A* Seller 15 January 2015
Came wiithin 2 days, nice product and really good packaging 15 January 2015
all working gave me some extra, when 1 doesnt work he will replace soon. it isnt a problem.

15 January 2015
Fast shipping.. stealth could be better. It is only caffeine but its a big bag of white powder which can draw interest. 15 January 2015
awesome 15 January 2015
ordered one and gave me 4 thanks!
smells like nice strong phet.
stealth was great especially for domestic!

15 January 2015
Works like a charm, thanks m8! 15 January 2015
Good speed. 15 January 2015
++bonus 15 January 2015
Legend! Works 100% Fast response. 15 January 2015
great vendor fast and quality thanks:) 15 January 2015
Quick, Works, A+ :) 15 January 2015
works like a treat excellent vendor :) 15 January 2015
Very fast delivery and great produc. 12 January 2015
(¯`'•.¸.•'´¯) Perfect transection, tanx 4 the deal (¯`'•.¸.•'´¯)
12 January 2015
all good. great comms, quick delivery 12 January 2015
AWESOME! Quick to send and reply to messsages. 12 January 2015
Not tried yet but
looking good :)
11 January 2015
Good job thanks well reccomend this dude 11 January 2015
VERY Responsive.
Replaced accounts that did not work as soon as he could.
Would highly recommend this guy!!!
11 January 2015
One of the best around. 11 January 2015
great communication, good stealth, trust vendor 11 January 2015
great vendor quick response would recommend 11 January 2015
fast and working! THX! 11 January 2015
Great works fine good value! 11 January 2015
Great Stuff - As advertised - V Strong Dry Powder - Happy with that 11 January 2015
fast "shipping". thank you :) 11 January 2015
A+++++++++ 11 January 2015
thx for nice spotify acct. 11 January 2015
very fast delivery brilliant seller!highly recommeded ! will come back again! 11 January 2015
Superb 11 January 2015
ordered in the evening/night, got my 2 accounts next morning + free accounts!! THX <3 11 January 2015
Thanks! 7 January 2015
Speedy delivery, decent stuff, great value. Thanks! 7 January 2015
Good value for money. Nice paste. Great communication. Great stealth. Great vendor. All you want and need. Peace. 7 January 2015
5/5 7 January 2015
Truly the man! Sent a ton of extras! XOXO 7 January 2015
Geat. Got login details really fast. Thank you! 7 January 2015
as other post says super fast delivery, thanks aagain 7 January 2015
im beginning to think you live in my street it gets here so fast. ill try it later once the cut dry cut dry process has finished, thanks again guys 7 January 2015
took around 3 weeks, must have got lost in christmas post - no fault to vendor, great product though, completely dry and very potent, will order again for sure 7 January 2015
great, got details very fast. thanks :) 7 January 2015
Quick delivery, good stealth for UK mainland post and the gear seems good enough. Thanks mate., 7 January 2015
Accounts worked. Sent fast. Great seller. 7 January 2015
Deliver 5/5 less than 24 hours.
Stealth 5/5 Domestic. Perfect.
Product 5/5 Domestic to Domestic gunpowder skills. Those that know, know.

Absolute pleasure
7 January 2015
Super fast and free accounts, what else do you want! 7 January 2015
Fast vendor (the day after the order). He supplied two accounts although only the second one worked. So it is as advertised :) 7 January 2015
thanks!!! 5 January 2015
Vendor was true to his word. Few may be trials because no payment is set up for next month. Either way the vendor also gave me several accounts for different websites. Don't hesitate to purchase 5 January 2015
Delivery NDD, and stealth was top notch. Was a bit jubious at price, but decided to give it go - very surprised at the quality. Once dried (very wet), had a great sesh. Will be coming back for more. Thanks! 5 January 2015
5/5 quick response. Good accounts + 1 extra 5 January 2015
Perfect Order A++ works great and i got it a couple hours after ordering 5 January 2015
Working great, A+ vendor 5 January 2015
great! and quick!!! 5 January 2015
nice stuff. thanks 5 January 2015
I LOVE YOU 5 January 2015
quick and perfect... 5 January 2015
good stuff again. cheers mate 5 January 2015
The fasters delivery on christmas/new year time.
Suff is good and strong for me(I am not regular user).
Thank You for good dil.
3 January 2015
very helpful, thx 3 January 2015
Working great will buy again! 3 January 2015
Great Vendor, Highly Recommended AAA++++++ 3 January 2015
great service 3 January 2015
Haven't tried the product yet but looks good. Vendor sent me paste instead of powder but generously resent my order without me even asking. Wicked customer service! 3 January 2015
AAA++++ 3 January 2015
+ 3 January 2015
Very fast delivery time
he replaced the accounts who werent working
and updated them 2 minutes later
3 January 2015
Good vendor and product
3 January 2015
Thank You 3 January 2015
Lightning fast response, just what I needed. A+ vendor thanks so much. 1 January 2015
10 min delivery time, very fast and got 2 accounts (1 free) very good seller A+++
1 January 2015
Received 2 for the price fo 1 on this one. Amazing fast response. Thanks Deeko! 1 January 2015
The vendor did deliver on his offer, I accidentally misunderstood the offer for a premium account to Crunchyroll but instead they where normal accounts. He did complete the order though and both accounts worked so good on him. 1 January 2015
Thanx 1 January 2015
super fast and working perfect! 1 January 2015
Great fast service! There was a small problem with the first set of accounts he sent, but he quickly replaced them. Thank-you very much! Would definately buy again! 1 January 2015
awesome dude, you' r the man! :) 1 January 2015
Fast guy. Good Services .
Helped me asap with a Dead Account
1 January 2015
have placed and received several orders from Deeko - amazing service. and this time was no exception! Great hash, on weight!

dispatched on 24th Dec with Next working day delivery!
(Beats Amazon, eBay, etc on delivery AND message response time!!)

Pro stealth and packaging.

Simply outstanding, very happy UK chappy here.
31 December 2014
Thx ! good 31 December 2014
Fast shiping, 15 working days to Baltic states. Recomended vendor, will buy again soon ;) 31 December 2014
Top notch on time perfect thanks a lot. Good price too by the way. Nice! 31 December 2014
Great 31 December 2014
The absolute Best vendor - great product, personal service, excellent comms!! AAA*** 31 December 2014
Fast, thanks! 31 December 2014
AAA SELLER . 31 December 2014
good key 31 December 2014
made my NYE, for overseas order. cheers 31 December 2014
Perfect! 31 December 2014
Super fast and gave me 3 accounts instead of 2, and great price! 31 December 2014
fast! 31 December 2014
This guys a legend - dont hesitate to purchase 31 December 2014
as promised 29 December 2014
support 10/10 (got 2 New Accounts)

29 December 2014
nice :) 29 December 2014
Perfect ! Very happy :) 27 December 2014
very quick, stealthy, havnt tried yet but should be good, recomended 27 December 2014
Great! 27 December 2014
Pretty Fast. Got 2 acc´s. Thank you 27 December 2014
badass thanks 27 December 2014
Nice smoke
25 December 2014
Excellent guide
Very useful
25 December 2014
Great Service! :) 25 December 2014
Top banana, cool beans! 25 December 2014
Trustworthy vendor - Great comms -Thanks lots 25 December 2014
awesome vendor! 25 December 2014
Great vendor A++++ 25 December 2014
All good. Cheers 25 December 2014
good stealth, quick delivery and good product. Top bananna fella :) 25 December 2014
Fast delivery! Purchase is working great. Thank you again. 25 December 2014
Lightning quick, friendly and professional responses to all my messages AND I GOT NEXT DAY DELIVERY ON CHRISTMAS EVE for £1! Outstanding quality, stealth and overall service.

VERY HAPPY RETURNING CUSTOMER HERE, 2nd order from Deeko so I volunteered to Finalise Early for quicker/priority processing as i ordered on the 23rd December (1g Polm hash) and it arrived the next morning in time for Christmas!


New favourite UK vendor for sure.
25 December 2014
all ok 25 December 2014
all good thx ;) 25 December 2014
Record delivery speed, 24 hours, just amazing! Great stuff, best price, nuff said! 23 December 2014
Great vendor. Even gave three accounts! 23 December 2014
Quick delivery, good info. 23 December 2014
No complaints at all 23 December 2014
great service and working products 23 December 2014
great service and very helpful 23 December 2014
Shipped immediately from order and took 2 days to arrive which was outstanding for this time of year
a lovely clean smoke burns how hash should burn and nice uplifting then mellow high
no need for communication straight down to business<<< I like this seller Deeko
thanks mate will be back after Xmas no doubt. : )
23 December 2014
More than happy! 23 December 2014
Valid account. Speedy delivery. Recommended! 23 December 2014
thanks for the info. 23 December 2014
eXtrem fast delivery and works perfectly ! 23 December 2014
Good vendor ,amph good for uk but not dutch quality . 21 December 2014
All good, thanks! 21 December 2014
Fast delivery, tiny price and working great! Thanks Deeko! 21 December 2014
Great value hash for such a low price. 48 hour delivery to rural UK. Outstanding! Another trusted Vendor! 21 December 2014
all fine thank you! 21 December 2014
The speed is banging, and the smell makes me drool. Speedy delivery and decent stealth for domestic. Top quality product and fair price. No hassle whatsoever. Top vendor. It's not like I wanted to sleep anyway.. A*** 21 December 2014
This man Is really trusted fella hope to do more deals. A****** 21 December 2014
Accounts worked well!! 21 December 2014
Quick delivery! Thanks! 21 December 2014
Amazing stealth, very good quality hash for the price and the hash came 2 days after being marked as shipped 21 December 2014
Great. Fast shipping 21 December 2014
Great thx really fast service 21 December 2014
The spotify accounts were not "brand new" as advertised, rather it was hacked accounts with other ppls playlists and music. They do work however. 19 December 2014
excellent vendor , great comunication, very fast delivery 19 December 2014
Good communication and helpful with reply. Stealth good, item dispatched same day. good stuff too.. Only thing was the item took 4 days in the post due to it being that time of year, no fault of the seller obviously. 19 December 2014
Received this morning...good stealth, Many thanks, good shit! 19 December 2014
Lightning quick & reliable vendor :) 19 December 2014
pretty fast and he gave me a few more for what he calls a delay but I dont. thankyou so much 19 December 2014
Great and fast vendor! 19 December 2014
sgould of FE early. trusted person. a++ 19 December 2014
great vendor 19 December 2014
Thanks! 19 December 2014
Fast delivery and working great! Thank you! 19 December 2014
Great tutorials!! A+++ 17 December 2014
All OK 17 December 2014
Fast delivery, great product and it was overweight! 17 December 2014
Fast delivery, great product and it was overweight! 17 December 2014
Worked great! No complaints! 17 December 2014
A+ 17 December 2014
Both work. Just as advertised. Same day delivery. 17 December 2014
great seller and good item cheers 17 December 2014
Fast delivered good price very cheap
tut has nearly all i wanted to get info about
17 December 2014
Does the job, looks so nice once its dried out will be buying agian :) 17 December 2014
thanks 17 December 2014
nice little smoke,at a decent price,fast delivery and discreet,what more could you ask for,cheers mate 17 December 2014
thanks again 17 December 2014
all good fast delivery 17 December 2014
All good A+ 17 December 2014
had a good expierence
definatly a good person to buy from
15 December 2014
Cool thx u 15 December 2014
A++ seller. Fast delivery 15 December 2014
Fast delivery and good communication. Answered all my questions Thanks! 15 December 2014
works perfectly 15 December 2014
Good "stealth", nothing suspicious in that letter. Product in double minigrip, inside a smell proof sealed bag. 5/5 just tasted it, and it seems to be just what is advertised. It dissolves completely in water. No nasty residues.. I guess it really doesn´t have to be even filtered, when putting it in syringe..=/ Very clean, and "smooth" type of dope.. No "rush" type of effect.. Though i accidentally missed the vein a littlebit.. =/ So it will work like "retard" now. =D Maybe i´ll order again.. Only problem is our overly strict customs here in scandinavia. =( I was allready pretty sure, that this shipment will not come trough. But it came, so everythings OK! =D 15 December 2014
everything fine 15 December 2014
Great vendor <3 15 December 2014
A++ 14 December 2014
Great value 14 December 2014
nice 14 December 2014
Great! Very quick delivery. Thanks 14 December 2014
No complaints, vendor is very approachable and trustworthy.

From an old paste head this smells top notch, looks good, and tastes good too.

Order with confidence, all is good with shipping, and stealth is excellent.

Not a single fault.

Many thanks again
14 December 2014
was a bit wet but it did the trick :) 14 December 2014
Perfect smells nice cant wait to try in a few minutes thank you will use again 14 December 2014
Perfect ! Fast delivery 14 December 2014
All good ndd a+++ 14 December 2014
Nice fast and works
14 December 2014
arrived promptly 14 December 2014
Arrived bit slow, vendor was very appologetic. Good stealth, Nice product, like another review said seems oily as fuck, not just wet. All around good. 12 December 2014
all perfect!!!racommanded! 12 December 2014
NDD and smells nice not tried yet though 12 December 2014
All good here ! 12 December 2014
All is good many thanks 12 December 2014
Gave me 2 accounts, both work. Dirt cheap, can't go wrong here. Just hope the account owners don't check their device lists; one of my accounts had a device added about a week ago. 12 December 2014
Stealthy, speedy, super thx 12 December 2014
Sent me the logins literally less than a minute after ordering. A+ 12 December 2014
All good cheers 10 December 2014
thanks be back for more if restock 10 December 2014
super fast , account work great 10 December 2014
All Ok Thanks!!!!! :D!! 10 December 2014
nice one 10 December 2014
All good. Prompt. Good stuff. Will help chatting with the in-laws over Christmas :) 10 December 2014
Fast response and legit guide. 10 December 2014
Happy days, cheers 10 December 2014
Spot on. No issues. Good on all counts. 10 December 2014
great stuff 10 December 2014
Great! n1 8 December 2014
Excellent product and received very quickly, will most certaily buy again when the time comes. 8 December 2014
Great stealth, perfect for domestic. Good value product. Professional vendor. 8 December 2014
somtheng good to know :) nothing major 8 December 2014
Came quickly, quality doesn't seem too bad, certainly can't complain for the price 8 December 2014
try and make the descriptions of the sale pages more descriptive >) ... 6 December 2014
fastest vendor i have ever seen10/5 6 December 2014
Great ndd a+++ 6 December 2014
Put positive as there wasn't an option for 'very fucking efficient'.
Recieved immediately.
6 December 2014
Top Guy, A++ 6 December 2014
ALL GOOD!!!!! THANKS!!!! 6 December 2014
ALL GOOD. paste tried to about half the weigh/size. yet to try but looks and smells good. reccommend, will use again 6 December 2014
all fine .
fast and friendly response and the account works ! :)

thx mate.
6 December 2014
Recieved.Thanks. 6 December 2014
Great vendor! Good communication! 5 December 2014
Thanks easy method , quick delivery 5 December 2014
Very professional,knowledgeable and patient......Highly reccomend 5 December 2014
Fast delivery, everything looks good 5 December 2014
Delivered really fast! 5 December 2014
A++++++ Seller
Recieved s Straight Away
Would Buy Again!!!!!!
5 December 2014
Excellent 200% tnks broo. 3 December 2014
Awesome 3 December 2014

1 December 2014
all good, cheers 1 December 2014
Awesome vendor, quick response had a problem with account and it was fixed within minutes..will be doing more biz.....five stars 1 December 2014
all good 1 December 2014
Trusted Seller - Thanks again x 1 December 2014
good info, very fast vendor

thanks man
1 December 2014
Arrived within 2 days. Great service and quality. Highly recomended 29 November 2014
Spot on. 29 November 2014
24h great vendor 29 November 2014
Super Legit. Made personal DL links for me. All the programs that allow me to do everything I want to as a beginning hacker! Super Sweet deal! 28 November 2014
Everything fine :-) Thx 28 November 2014
All good! Thanks bro 28 November 2014
Received Quickly. Overweight. Thanks 28 November 2014
All OK spotify passwd work . very fast vendor ! 28 November 2014
Next day delivery 28 November 2014
GREAT Vendor with speaking truth ! +++ 28 November 2014
Great Speed - Thanks loads - Nice Comms :-) 28 November 2014
Great vendor, quick communication, and even gave some extras free of charge cheers m8.. 5***** 28 November 2014
gr8 26 November 2014
all good, thanks! 26 November 2014
Pefect, helpful, fast, beyond the call of duty :) 26 November 2014
De Man! 26 November 2014
Works perfectly, great vendor, thanks 24 November 2014
Top Notch... works like a charm 24 November 2014
Really quick delivery, gave me more than I ordered!. cheers bro 24 November 2014
A+++ perfect ! thanks 24 November 2014
really quick delivery, stealth was enough for UK mainland post. Product is very potent but VERY wet.

Be prepared to dry it out a bit and lose a lot of the weight. Either way, it was still a good deal and great speed.
24 November 2014
As others have said yes this paste is very yet but unlike other paste I have had the liquid is more of an oil that I would say is active amphetamine and not just whatever to bulk it up. This paste is extremely strong and had me foaming at the mouth and rambling shite to anyone who would listen LOL. All I can say is its extremely potent and definitely of a very good quality. Delivery could of been quicker. Expected next day delivery but ordered and received 3 days later which I suppose could of been down to Royal Mail, Who knows. Anyway if you need phet delivered and dont like trying your luck at using a NL vendor I would recommend Deeko. Cheers fella. 24 November 2014
thank you 24 November 2014
Nice one, time to try... 22 November 2014
Fast delivery, product seems good. stealth adequate - could have used mylar. 22 November 2014
First class product - Will be buying again soon 22 November 2014
Fuckedelic...Thanks! 22 November 2014
All cool :)
Had a lot worse
than this from some
'Big' vendors!
22 November 2014
Great delivery speed !! works perfectly 22 November 2014
works. That's good. 22 November 2014
Arrived really quickly. Good packaging and stealth. Will definitely be back again! 22 November 2014
Very fast delivery A+++ 22 November 2014
great thanks 22 November 2014
excellent great vendor! 22 November 2014
quick and easy 21 November 2014
Reliable, fast and generous vendor. Will come back for more and recommend. 21 November 2014
2 days delivery, excellent gear for the price. 21 November 2014
4 days between order and delivery. Stealth was so poor package stank of solvent, no vacuum sealing at all. Product is what was described, but too risky to order again the state of packaging. 21 November 2014
5/5 1st purchase from this vendor and it was a great experience!!! Will purchase again!!! 21 November 2014
Good vendor
But it's important to know that theses accounts are for USA only !!!
21 November 2014
5/5 This guy is quick as hell!!! everything checked out and I will be returning to buy more stuff!!!! 21 November 2014
2 Days deliver all fine
21 November 2014

21 November 2014
As described. 21 November 2014
friendly vendor,couldn´t find my order first,sent me a replace,found it then and gave it to me for free,very cool 19 November 2014
alles bestens, vielen dank 19 November 2014
Well it was bloody cheap, arrived quick and seems to do the trick nicely. Typical speed base smell.

Downside is that it is extremely wet and I've lost about 20% of weight already. Some was lost inside the little bag is came in and that I can't get out (I'll drop it ina drink though of course and let if dissolve). Needs to be put in a proper MBB sealed bag an needs to be a little better dried just to make getting at it easier. Also by not using MBB, I could smell it outside the package.

Great supplier though in every other respect. The price is awesome!
19 November 2014
Quick delivery and good size, very good value :) 19 November 2014
Received this morning, Product looks great, haven't tried yet but everything looks good, Thanks 19 November 2014
AMAZING 17 November 2014
Great 17 November 2014
very fast 17 November 2014
Fast delivery, good stealth, good product 16 November 2014
Fast Delivery, Also gave a few bonus. Would Recommend this seller A+ 16 November 2014
Next day delivery. Product very wet. Stealth needs improving. 16 November 2014
Order delivered in minutes. Really good vendor. 16 November 2014
I recommend this guy to all, he also sent me a bonus. Awesome vendor. 16 November 2014
excellent 200% tnks bro 16 November 2014
Received quickly and overweight. thanks a lot 16 November 2014
good delivery, effective method i hope 12 November 2014
Perfect as always 12 November 2014
Great vendor. 12 November 2014
Very good vendor 12 November 2014
Super fast! 2/2 active 12 November 2014
Perfect 11 November 2014
LOOOL 11 November 2014
Cool :) 11 November 2014
Good information 11 November 2014
Great vendor fast delivery and got extra account would use again great comunication too. 11 November 2014
perfect 11 November 2014
Received quickly and works fine. 11 November 2014
cheers ;-) 9 November 2014
adequate stealth for domestic..
was inside a number of bags to stop vapour/liquid leaking out.

the gear lost approx 50% of weight when I dried it but it seems to be very pure and contaminent free..

cheers Deeko!
9 November 2014
Fast shipping, product was as decribed in the listing. I have to be honest and say there was a slight issue with stealth, due to the speed being so wet. The good news is i have been in touch with the vendor about this and he is going to work on improving his packaging.

It's quite wet but the liquid is not solvent, it is freebase amphetamine oil. I have some chemistry experience and in my opinion that is the smell of a freebase amine, not a solvent. Some people dry it out and i have also done so in the past, but i have also tried it wet with the liquid and it seems to be much stronger this way. I think by drying it out, people are potentially wasting product.
8 November 2014
Received the accounts as described. Will buy more from this seller. 8 November 2014
Great guide. Will try this 8 November 2014
good man ! 8 November 2014
Easy method. Recommend it 8 November 2014
Great vendor, Good guy. Sent with a freebie. First few accs didn't work but he happily replaced them with working accs. Would recommend.
8 November 2014
works like a charm! thanks 8 November 2014
Sweet as a nut. :):) 6 November 2014
Lovely stuff 6 November 2014
great info 6 November 2014
Highly recommended! Next day delivery, overweight, lost only 1/3 weight after drying. Many thanks! 6 November 2014
top! 6 November 2014
Correct with extra!!! 6 November 2014
No MMN There . I now it Before. 6 November 2014
Great Tutorial 6 November 2014
it arrived very nice. 4 November 2014
Perfect!! Extrem fast, i was still "surfing around" while the order has been "shipped" 2 November 2014
As described. Quick. 2 November 2014
Thanks +++++ 2 November 2014
Fast Delivery +++++++++++++ 2 November 2014
Prompt delivery. Product looks excellent and smells strong. Not tried it yet but will review on forums once I have. Thanks 2 November 2014
Superquick Delivery - Not tried yet but looks & smells the part - Thanks 2 November 2014
Very fast delivery 30 October 2014
Very quick and freebies! A+ 30 October 2014
Very quick and came with freebies! A+ 30 October 2014
Great communication, Great Prices. Got Freebies. 30 October 2014
A+ 26 October 2014
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Fast delivery and bonuses, excellent 24 October 2014
Great Guide 17 October 2014
Nice Info. 17 October 2014
Not bad. 17 October 2014
Good guide and helpful seller, buy this you won't regret it 17 October 2014
Thanks 17 October 2014
A+++++++++++++++++ 8 October 2014
Very Fast Delivery 8 October 2014
this guy is leget, nice dude to deal with A+++++++++++++++++++ 6 October 2014
very fast delivery. and very helpful 6 October 2014
Please Discard all info about and concerning this order 6 October 2014
Cracking tut :)
2 October 2014
That guy knows business
2 October 2014
Good info.. Thx 30 September 2014
A+++++ Vendor! .....has all the patience in the Whole Wide World. Responds in a timely manner... 30 September 2014
Good A++++ 30 September 2014
nice 28 September 2014
1/2 works. Not bad. 28 September 2014
Sorry for the latency in leaving you feedback, mate. Thanks for a great read with interesting information regarding the inner working of the postal system in the United States. It always breaches the EU a bit. Cheers mate! Great seller and definititely recommended. 26 September 2014
very good seller, fast delivery, it's a pleasure doing business with you. thank you 26 September 2014
Very fast shipping, good account thank's you :) see you soon 26 September 2014
Excellent 26 September 2014
nice guy. i recommend him 26 September 2014
Got the login for a vietnamese girl with 1400 friends.
They can't speak English so it's no good to me, but still funny.
26 September 2014
Good everything worked, also pretty fast to deliver 26 September 2014
fast shipping , thank you very much, see you soon 26 September 2014
Very fast, but I cant use it, the user and password are incorrect or I can do it. Do you sell a guide?? 26 September 2014
thx, everythings working! 26 September 2014
thx, everythings working! 24 September 2014
fast shipping , thank you very much, see you soon 17 September 2014
very good seller, fast delivery, it's a pleasure doing business with you. thank you 17 September 2014
Very fast shipping, good account thank's you :) see you soon 17 September 2014
nice guy. i recommend him 17 September 2014
Got the login for a vietnamese girl with 1400 friends.
They can't speak English so it's no good to me, but still funny.
17 September 2014
Good everything worked, also pretty fast to deliver 17 September 2014
thx, everythings working! 17 September 2014
thx, everythings working! 8 September 2014
Very fast shipping, good account thank's you :) see you soon 6 September 2014
Excellent 6 September 2014
Sorry for the latency in leaving you feedback, mate. Thanks for a great read with interesting information regarding the inner working of the postal system in the United States. It always breaches the EU a bit. Cheers mate! Great seller and definititely recommended. 6 September 2014
Got the login for a vietnamese girl with 1400 friends.
They can't speak English so it's no good to me, but still funny.
6 September 2014
Good everything worked, also pretty fast to deliver 6 September 2014
fast shipping , thank you very much, see you soon 6 September 2014
very good seller, fast delivery, it's a pleasure doing business with you. thank you 6 September 2014
nice guy. i recommend him 6 September 2014
nice guy. i recommend him 4 September 2014
Got the login for a vietnamese girl with 1400 friends.
They can't speak English so it's no good to me, but still funny.
4 September 2014
Good everything worked, also pretty fast to deliver 30 August 2014
fast shipping , thank you very much, see you soon 24 August 2014
very good seller, fast delivery, it's a pleasure doing business with you. thank you 24 August 2014
Very fast shipping, good account thank's you :) see you soon 24 August 2014
Excellent 22 August 2014
Sorry for the latency in leaving you feedback, mate. Thanks for a great read with interesting information regarding the inner working of the postal system in the United States. It always breaches the EU a bit. Cheers mate! Great seller and definititely recommended. 22 August 2014
Sorry for the latency in leaving you feedback, mate. Thanks for a great read with interesting information regarding the inner working of the postal system in the United States. It always breaches the EU a bit. Cheers mate! Great seller and definititely recommended. 20 August 2014
Sorry for the latency in leaving you feedback, mate. Thanks for a great read with interesting information regarding the inner working of the postal system in the United States. It always breaches the EU a bit. Cheers mate! Great seller and definititely recommended. 31 May 2014

Stars Review Freshness
11/10 19 September 2015
Perfect can't fault! Will use again! 19 September 2015
Excellent service, all round. Thanks 19 September 2015
Great again 19 September 2015
Very Good! 19 September 2015
Nice bit of hash, good service as always 19 September 2015
looks good, NDD 19 September 2015
Perfect as always!! 19 September 2015
ok for the price. NDD 19 September 2015
Good value,goog comms all A+++ 19 September 2015
++++++++++ great vendor 19 September 2015
NDD, nice hash 19 September 2015
Top quality & quantity - As always 100% reliabe 19 September 2015
awsome product, speedy delivery.. as always, deeko sets the standard! 19 September 2015
Recieved Cheers 19 September 2015
All good - Exactly What it says on the tin 23 June 2015
Thank you. 23 June 2015
Perfect order, excellent comms, and the stealth was spot on, quality is very much on the top shelf, price is unbeatable, would not go anywhere else ! 23 June 2015
Nice hash, worth the price! Would buy more 23 June 2015
Top seller, fast delivery and over weight 17 June 2015
best bargain, great quality 17 June 2015
great choice, highly recomended 17 June 2015
Super fast!, very good quality, pro stealth and packaging, beautiful, they all should be like Deeko, keep up man, I got a smile from ear to ear i can't take off my face 17 June 2015
Fast shipping, good packaging and nice smooth hash. Thank you. 17 June 2015
Good stuff. Good stealth. 11 June 2015
FE 11 June 2015
will use again 7 June 2015
No comment 7 June 2015
100% vendor great dealings fast deliavary and great paste ,got bit of really nice pollen to test and is 100% so be back for more :) 7 June 2015
No comment 7 June 2015
awesome stuff, delivered next day, good quality hash for the price. Cheers mate 7 June 2015
This hash is insane proper old skool smoke well worth the doe awsome stuff Deeko. 7 June 2015
good stuff thank you will order again 7 June 2015
Very fast delivery, smokes great! 7 June 2015
Top quality Gold Seal hash, fast delivery, 10/10 stealth. 7 June 2015
very nice every time 7 June 2015
FE - Will update 7 June 2015
always spot on 7 June 2015
Arrived quickly. Smells great! 7 June 2015
looks exactly as advertised, havent tried yet but looks/smells good 7 June 2015
Beautiful .. again. Thanks 7 June 2015
No comment 1 June 2015
Quality product just as described, great comms and fast delivery, many thanks 1 June 2015
Quality bit of old skool squidgy 1 June 2015
Good stealth, Good Service, Mint!! 1 June 2015
Fast delivery considering bank holiday and came with great stealth and communication. Weight perfect and a lovely tasting hash. 5/5 all round i will be back 1 June 2015
double pukka 1 June 2015
Everything perfect! Fantastic gear. 1 June 2015
great for the price :) 1 June 2015
pukka 1 June 2015
Freaking awesome hash, quick delivery - deffo buy again! 1 June 2015
This guy is a top notch seller!! 1 June 2015
Great - thanks. 1 June 2015
Fast shipping and good stealth. Thanks 1 June 2015
It hasnt even arrived yet and I know it will be awsome. Deeko is a man you can trust to deliver the goods.. 1 June 2015
fe early before receiveing as trusted vendor 27 May 2015
Looking forward to it! 27 May 2015
all good, nice smoke, fast delivery 27 May 2015
TOP DUDE 1DAY:) 24 May 2015
2nd order of this lovely Polm. NDD and nice clean smoke 24 May 2015
Quick delivery and hash as described, cheers bro! 24 May 2015
All good, good stealth, smells and looks legit. 24 May 2015
All good, many thanks. NDD, smells the bomb and bang on weight. Good stealth. 24 May 2015
Super fast delivery. A+ 24 May 2015
NDD and weight/stealth were fine. A very nice, clean bit of hash for this price - a bargain! 24 May 2015
Nice stealth. Soft and sticky block. Big weight. 24 May 2015
FE for a vendor I've used on Agora 24 May 2015
Finalised early for my trusted hash vendor. Cheers Deeko! 24 May 2015
reliable guy send it quick and his stuff is very nice, trusted vendor and recommended product 24 May 2015
No comment 24 May 2015
Excellent product/service/stealth A+ 10/10 24 May 2015
Rapid delivery, excellent all round. 24 May 2015
Great seller! 24 May 2015
Will be using again, good price, good service, good vendor 18 May 2015
got it 18 May 2015
No comment 18 May 2015
Good hash, good price, NDD, hard to beat 18 May 2015
perfect man, nice and soft 18 May 2015
As always best ever. I will feedback on the 97% stuff once I land back on earth :) 18 May 2015
Arrived quick, good price/quality 18 May 2015
No comment 18 May 2015
Quick delivery, nice product, good value & excellent packaging. 18 May 2015
Arrived next day. Professionally and stealthily packed. Good smoke for the money. I'll be back :) 18 May 2015
Excellent price and delivery time! Will buy again 11 May 2015
Came Nextday .. good product. will order again Thanks :) 11 May 2015
all good A+ 11 May 2015
Spot on as always delivery took a litlle longer but BH Monday so expected it was still here in 2 days. Cheers 11 May 2015
good stuff, especialy for the price, arrived in 3 days to uk 11 May 2015
All good A+ 11 May 2015
Great seller, great smoke! 11 May 2015
great vendor on top of things 5 May 2015
Nice hash for the price, probably the best value for money on here. 5 May 2015
BANG ON MATE!!! :) 5 May 2015
Arrived super quick, good stealth, good vendor, thanks. 5 May 2015
cool...something new and Fast 5 May 2015
vendor of choice by far 5 May 2015
Fast response, extremely quick delivery, protected my drop with stealth packaging, fantastic value for money and the hash is great quality! A+ 5 May 2015
great stuff 5 May 2015
always good and fast 5 May 2015